Roots Air Systems was established in 1984 by its patriarch Mr. Rakesh Kumar Modi since inception it has today grown into a leading group in HVAC.It has been providing a full spectrum of quality service that meet each providing a full spectrum of quality services that meet each clients specific needs in todays demanding business.Mr.Rakesh kumar Modi possessed the foresight and creativity to redefine the role of air cooling and to expand beyond its traditional boundries.

True to our innovative spirit, we were the pioneers in importing the cellulose pad technology from Europe way back in 1990, which today have become the most accepted cooling medium in India. Today our reputation as a multi-service company remains as formidable as ever. We provide  reliable tailor-made products and services for medium to large sized business in a range of areas , namely industrial plants , pharmaceutical , hotel and chemical  industry , hospital , R&D institutes , electronic  and biotechnology industries , and green  houses and poultry farms  etc . our solution can meet  all requirements  in heating , ventilation and air cooling / condoning applications within realistic  budgets.